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VIE Blog Solution - the best way to share your knowledge
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People blog for pleasure or profit, or maybe even both...

A blog can help position you as the expert in your field. You already know a great deal about the products you sell or the services you offer. A blog gives you the opportunity to easily explain the others every aspect of your knowledge.

StevePavlina blog was launched on Oct 1st, 2004. By April 2005 it was averaging $4.12/day in income. Now it brings in over $1000/day (updated as of 10/29/06).
Blogging income is actually quite easy to maintain. It's a lot more secure than a regular job. No one can fire you, and if one source of income dries up, you can always add new ones.

From a humble beginning as What's New' pages, blogs have arisen to become arguably the most popular online publishing platform on the internet.

There are lots of reasons you might decided to start blogging about making jewelry or beading or wire wrapping or your life in general. If you enjoy expressing yourself in words and would like other people to know about you, then blogging is a perfect medium for that.

Blogging became something more then reaching out and connecting with likeminded individuals. It became more then just being popular. It became a residual revenue stream. Sometimes earning enough to cover the costs of a domain name and webhosting for a year, to it being as lucrative as holding down a second job. Some people have even made a living from it.

The main reasons why people start blogging are:

  • To publish/share personal ideas - 41%
  • To build company reputation - 23%
  • A company marketing tool - 20%
  • A industry interacting platform - 11%
  • A WebSite SEO ranking add - 5%

Here are the main ideas why everyone should have a blog:

- a blog is a simple, cost-effective way to create a professional online presence
You don't need an IT staff or a degree in computer science to run a blog

- a blog creates a conversation between you and the people who matter you
If you are a painter, you might want to create a dialogue with other painting community people. Independent professionals might want to exchange ideas on their area of expertise.

- a blog is a tremendous way to boost your search engine rankings
The more often you post, the higher your search engine ranking is, and the more likely your blog will be discovered by the others. A blog is an ideal way to get more credibility, more customers, or a larger audience.

- a blog allows you to take control of what you publish
You don't have to possess any special technical knowledge, or plan for months or be constrained by print deadlines publish as much as you want, any time you want. You're in control.

- a blog allows you to develop a position of thought leadership
A blog allows you write a consistent message over time to demonstrate thought leadership in a particular field. This is extremely valuable for independent professionals and businesses that are focusing on a certain market. A blog builds trust in customers, partners, and potential clients.

- a blog is a valuable business tool for collecting customer feedback
Blogs are increasingly important for businesses, because they create a forum in which customers can offer feedback, interact with each other, and obtain access to timely information.

- a blog creates a historical record of your content
Whether you're blogging for business or blogging about something you're passionate about, your posts form a record that will become increasingly valuable over time. Business bloggers can use blog archives as a knowledge base to help new employees get up to speed. Independent professionals can point potential clients to past posts. Individual bloggers can refer back to posts as if they were journal entries.

VIE Scripts Happy Customers Have Their Say

I always dreamed to run a blog, but didn't know where to start.
Thank to VIE Scripts, now I owe a best performance blog with more features you can think about...
...And even more - recently I've got my first cheque.

Daniel Farintosh

Hi Vic,

Never thought running a blogs is so easy and fun.
Thank you guys for my blog setting up and configuration, the only job I have to do is to periodically post new articles and watch my income coming through.
Your bonuses are extremely helpful too, I have learned so many things about blogs that I never learned before! Now it all looks easy and absolutely clear for me.

Thank you again,
Peter Garborough

Hi Guys,

I'm getting a permanent income now. Wow, imagine it's about $87.34 a day and it's all just for doing the job I like a lot. None can fire me and now I spend more time with my family.
Guys, I'd suggest you launch more high profitable projects, I'll participate into all them :-)

With Best Regards,
Helen Darekson

  • Additional Pages - you can add non-blog content pages, for example you could have a static "About" page.
  • Blog Records Import - Your records can be umported from the other blog systems as Movable Type, Textpattern, Greymatter, Blogger, and b2.
  • Blogroll Links - allows you to create, maintain and update any number of favorite blogs in the sidebar of your blog through administration interface.
  • Workflow - You can have types of users that can only post drafts, not publish to the front page.
  • Design Templates Themes - you can change your blog design as freauently as you wish, even every new day.
  • Intelligent Text Formatting - you can place anything as plain text or HTML formatted text, all are accepted and formatted
  • Post via Email - You can send emails to a predefined email address and blog can convert them into blog posts.
  • Multiple Authors - there are allowed up to 10 levels of users, with different levels having different (and configurable) privileges with regard to publishing, editing, options, and other users.
  • Comments - visitors to your site can leave comments, and through Trackback or Pingback can comment on their own site. Comments can be enabled or disabled.
  • Bookmarklets - make it easy to publish to your blog or add links to your blogroll with a minimum of effort.
  • Spam Protection - integrated blacklist and open proxy checker manage and eliminate comment spam on your blog. Also you can have many more spam protection tools on demand.
  • Ping Away - Ping-O-Matic ping standards are supported, which means maximum exposure for your blog to search engines.
  • Full User Registration - there is a built-in user registration system that (if you choose) can allow people to register and maintain profiles and leave authenticated comments on your blog.
  • Cross-Blog Communication Tools - both the Trackback and Pingback standards are fully supported.
  • Password Protected Posts - You can give passwords to individual posts to hide them from the public. You can also have private posts which are viewable only by their author.
  • Run Blog in Your Language - blog can be run in your own language, most languages available

  • Even More...
    Additional Blog Features

  • AdSense Manager - manage AdSense ads on your blog. It generates code automatically. Ads Manager Supports: AdSense , Adpinion , AdBrite , Adroll , Commission Junction , ShoppingAds , Yahoo!PN and WidgetBucks
  • Your Own Interactive Video Portal - all the tools you need to create your own personalized video sharing solution. Publish, manage, and track your video content all without ever leaving your own website, and even allow your subscribers to submit their own video responses to your posts.
  • Google Analyticator - enables Google Analytics on your blog.
  • Images Management - mBox allows you to easy include slideshow galleries into blog posts, pages and sidebar.
  • Photoblog- Convert your blog into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time.
  • User Photo - Allows a user to associate a profile photo with their account through their "Your Profile" page.
  • Random Image - Display a random image from a directory located on the webserver
  • Blog BackUp - Backup & Recovery Suite for your blog website. This Plugin allows you to backup database as well as files and comes with a rich set of options.
  • EasyTube - allows blog users to easily embed YouTube and Google Videos using one simple tag.
  • Smart Youtube - that allows you to easily insert Youtube videos in both your post and in RSS feed. It is small, fast and does not depend on any external scripts.
  • SEO Optimizer - Optimizes your blog for Search Engines
  • SeeTheFace- upgrades your text blog to Video Blog instantaneously.
  • Blog Opt-in - allows to optin and send e-mails to users wanting specific information.
  • SpamFree - virtually eliminates automated comment spam from bots
  • Ad Coder - easy way to spread adserver banner code or other html/js code over your blog or page content - e.g. type {IMU 486_60} and this tag will be replaced with the code you have prepared in the admin option panel for this.
  • AdServe - allows setup your banner campaigns using different sized banners, set available impressions and count resulting clicks. Optionally AdServe links ads to blog users so that one could check the campaign results within the Dashboard.
  • Audio Player - provides you with a simple way of inserting a stylish Flash mp3 player on your blog posts and pages.
  • Contact Form - highly customizable, flexible and powerful contact form, covering a variety of use cases and features from attachments to multi form management.
  • CounDown Timer - Countdown Timer allows you to setup one or more dates to count down to or away from.
  • GeneralStats - Counts the number of users, categories, posts, comments, pages, links, tags, link-categories, words in posts, words in comments and words in pages.
  • Official StatCounter - brings you all the powerful StatCounter features to your blog.
  • Events Calendar - creates, edits, displays events.

  • ... and Plus More

    VIE Blog Solution includes the following fabulous BONUSES:

    Bonus #1 3 Months Absolutely FREE Web Hosting
    Domains 1, Subdomains - 1, MySQL Databases - 2, Email Accounts - 2, Disk Space - 50Mb

    Bonus #2 One Extra Simple Blog
    No Database, Easy Installation, Easy to Use and Post
    Bonus #3 Now Is The Time to Blog
    This eBook covers important aspects of blog promotion and marketing like Blogging errors you should avoid, blogging tweaks, best techniques for blog marketing. It is very important to blog in the right manner in order to get the best out of your blogging efforts because blogging without a proper guidance and technique will not help your search engine promotion effort in any way.

    Bonus #4 BLOG for DOLLAR$
    In a blog everyone is a webmaster who can share jokes, ideas, emotions, advice, and anything that can be translated into words; making them popular sites that are visited about 10000 times a month!!
    This ebook teaches you how you can make your OWN blog as popular as possible, and at last how to MAKE MONEY.
    Bonus #5 Super Affiliate Guide Book
    Only 2% of all internet marketers make 90% of all sales.
    Are you in those 2% yet?
    This book teaches you how to grow up into a Super Affiliate from an average advertiser.
    Bonus #6 10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads
    The 10 easy-to-follow sales letter strategies revealed in "10 Ways To Write More Effective Ads" are time-tested and known to be effective.
    You may be surprised but sometimes a little tweak here or there is all that is needed to increase response rates dramatically.
    You'll quickly learn how to put what's wrong right and how to make what's working already into overdrive ...
    This is a fast reading, fluff free and profit boosting guide that will help you turn that trickle of sales into a flood.
    Bonus #7 Hundreds of Powerful Webmaster Resources
    Scripts&Tools, Web Templates, Flash, HTML Editors, Stock Photos, FTP, Streaming, Stream Your Audio, Record Streaming Audio, Track 'Em, Webmaster Directories, Other Webmaster Tools, Shopping Carts, Shopping Enhancements, PopUp Creators, Website Optimization, Color Pickers, Misc Tools
    Take advantage of VIE Blog Solution Today and
    get all these superb bonuses of total value $365.50 Absolutely FREE

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  • Most of earned money are invested in researches and improving VIE Blog Solution Palckage
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  • Your Personal Blog installed, configured and customized (you simply answer to a list of pre-written questions, we do the rest);
  • Distinct Web Design set up (you may choose from hundreds of ready made design templates);
  • Up to 2 Additional Blog Features installed (you may choose from hundreds of ready made additional features);
  • Your Blog 3 Months FREE Hosting (with possibility to install more programs you might need);
  • One Extra Simple Blog - blog simple to install, simple to use, doesn't reqire database (installed on request);
  • 6 Additional Bonuses - as bonuses were chosen some of the best internet tutorials aiming to turn your "just another blog" into one of most popular blogs
  • 50% Discounts - on all your blog upgrades and updates

    ... Check Up VIE Requiements on Blog Installation

  • Your Own Registered Domain Name;
  • System Requirements (in case you decide to run Blog on your own hosting): Any Linux Version, MySQL Ver 4.X, PHP Ver 4.2 or higher, No Special PHP Libraries;
  • Some knowlege about Internet in general, HTML and general ideas how to maintain a blog;
  • Translate Blog into your own language (most languages available);

    Yes - Victor, I am taking advantage of this special offer
    I can't wait using my personal Blog
    I can't wait getting my 8 fabulous bonuses
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    Pay By Credit Card / PayPal

    VIE Blog Solution Special Offer Price
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    Regular Price $169.95
    (Save $100.45
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    Victor Botez
    VIE Scripts & VIE Blog Solution

    No thanks. I will pass this fantastic package for now. I know I might never see this opportunity ever again and I'm OK with that. I wish those that snap up this offer and make money with it every success.
    Victor Botez

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