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VIE Scripts presents a tiny yet most relevant part programming solutions since 2000a.
All these projects contain many VIE scripts technological know-hows and take into consideration software usability, server resources load, programs usage by million of visitors daily.
*Note: VIE Scripts has executed technological part only in these projects using clients design.

Transportation Agency MyrtleBeach Transportation Agency. Online booking and payment. Individual, group and special transportation.

Online Power Profit System BuildReferrals - Marketing System. A free personalized website building. Promoting programs added by service admin and members, increasing these programs downline lists. Email promotion via free and paid mailing. Submission to 40 Search Engines. Website Rotator. Fast Start Bonus and Commission earning.

Classified Lists Hosting UltimateClassified - Classified lists management. Paid Mailings. Paid Banners. Paid Pro members special ads. 3 level management: Master Admin, List Admin, Member account.

Email Marketing Leads Lists Reseller YourNewList - Email Marketing Lists Reselling. Automaticall lists management. Autoresponder account management.

SafeLists Hosting System DamnSmartMail - Safelists Hosting and Management system.

Billing System Cash Club - Safelists Selling Pages customization and publishing. Safelists rental billing system.
Customized Safelist Example:

Save and Forget Automaticall Safelist AutoBlaster - Automatical Recurringly Posting Safelist. Text and HTML format emails. Webmsters tools directories.

Safelists/FFA/Classifieds Lists Auto Poster Software Safelist Submitter - Safelists/FFA/Classifieds Automatical Poster. Saves lists posting steps, fields and buttons. On posting just repeats the saved steps by posting new messages.
Eamples of separate web based blasters:

Neopets Fan Club Neopets Fan Club - review Neopets lists, find species, colors, review neopets and petpets.

Avatars Fan Club Avatars Fan Club - Avatars lists, manage avatars, sort avatars under different rules.

FreeAdDepot All In One Marketing System FreeAdDepot - ads list, rotating text ads, banner ads, mailings, exit ads: exchanged on credits or sold for money. Affiliate downline lists, sales stats, commission stats, ad display stats, credits stats

TargetAdsDepot All In One Marketing System TargetAdsDepot - Clickbank ads, text ads, banner ads, exit ads, mailing ads. Affiliate downline lists, sales stats, commission stats, ad display stats, credits stats. Ads exchanged via additional funds.

Twenty20 All In One Marketing System Twenty20 - text ads, featured ads, contact mailer. Affiliate downline list, sales stats, commission stats .

Instant Cash Magnet Instant Cash Magnet - banner ads, text ads. Sales stats, commission stats.

Downline Builder BuildreferralsNextGen - Downline builder for admin added programs, sales stats, commission stats.

PixelsAnyone - pixels selling ad space PixelsAnyone - million dollar script clone. All ads placed automatically: ad space chosing, price setup instantly, after payment the ad is published instantly. Ad click stats.

Book Your Phrase Online OpportunityTraffic - Selling phrases and words lifetime. Two level affiliate sales and commission stats.

PopOver JavaScript Window Exchange HiTrafficAds - Large html ads, small text ads. Affiliate sales stats, commission stats, credits stats.

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