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Our Customers Have Their Say

This team works very fast and efficient. Did everything I asked for (keep in mind that I am very picky), had an excellent and prompt support. Very happy to work with these guys and would be willing to work with them again in the future. I have already booked them for my other two projects.

Rachel Long

Working with these guys was truly a dream, they got the work done in a very timely manner did everything that I asked and more. I would gladly work only with this team in the future.

Doug Bartholomew

In the very beginning I didn't have a clear idea what were the exact features of my website and related programs. VIE Scripts helped me to work out my website in every detail, so now I don't have to invent the wheel thinking how to create a website facilities and just keep promoting my services and increasing my business.

Bernard Walker

To be at the top of competition my website requires frequent updates. After VIE Scripts started maintaining my website content I got absolutely free to concentrate on promotion and sales. It's a dream working with this team and I am going them to do even more job in the nearest future.

Michael Trimax

I love these guys, they have saved me of server overloading problems, reconfigured my server and installed latesr software versions on it. I have taken them as permanent server support.

Lenny Ambersen

I really really love to work with VIE Scripts. A great and fast support, working out every web program detail. At last I got a product I might only dream about. I have already booked them for my next 2 projects.

Richard Chamberton

Thinking to start a web business I have engaged VIE Scripts team. At last I got a turn key solution with all design concept, programs, content and a marketing concept of my business. In a month after launched my business started making me a good profit. I'm already thinking to engage VIE Scripts work on my new projects.

Charles Gingles

This might sound unbelivable, but after VIE Scripts has renewed my older sales page ad copy, I cannot really afford that many sales. I'm going to increase my delivery team.

Carrol Nelsy

Impressive design concept for my website. Thank you Victor!!

Gabriella Earnest

We have been working for close to 6 years with Victor Botez and VIE Scripts Team

Victor's script work is superb and his ability to work through any problem- script bugs, server crashes , unanticapted script additions is remarkable.

We have worked with many programmers and server techs over the course of our 12 years on the net, and Victor is far and away the best there is.

We like what we saw so much we decided to become his partner in VieScripts.

When you can't beat um, join um!

Jane Mark
Phil Basten


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