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VIE Hosting Special Offer

Place Your Website Online For Only $2.99 First 3 Months

VIE Hosting - reliable hosting for your website.
Our pProfessional stuff provides servers efficiency and customers support.
We've got the best equipment and best software installed, that provides safety and security of your data.

Only 2 operations required to see your website up and running.

Free Set-Up
No Hidden Fees
99.99% Website Uptime
Solid Hardware and Premium Network

Webhosting Features
Parked Domains
Sub Domains
MySQL Databases
Email Addresses
Web Space
512 Mb*
Monthly Bandwidth
3 Gb
Cron Job Manager
* You get 512Mb of Web Space in this Hosting Package on request


*Important: We return you the difference for first 3 months, after you pay the first billing period.

Pay By Credit Card / PayPal

VIE Hosting Special Offer

$18.80 Every 3 Months (5% discount)
- save $9.70
$37.50 Every 6 Months (10% discount)
- save $19.50
$66.70 Every 12 Months (20% discount)

- save $47.30

*Note: We Return You The Difference For First 3 Months Payment

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